Environmental pollution in macro-molecular crowding

Biological microenvironment (e.g. cytoplasm and interstitial substance) is the place where pollutants interact with living beings. It is the key in controlling  pollution. Such microenvironment, composed of a variety of biological macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, fibers and cytoskeleton,provides the biological reactions inside quite unique properties other than in water buffer solution. We aim to probe the mechanism how the macromolecular crowding environment affects the activity of cells under pollution. Our early research shows that macromolecular crowding environment has complicated effect on biological reactions; however, most current biological researches overlook the effect of the microenvironment. We aim to bring forward the original mechanism about the control of macromolecular crowding on micro plastic particle pollution, which is anticipated to supply calibration factors for future research on micro plastic particle pollution.